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Design Project of the Year

ALARMAFLASH – Amber Valley Developments

We found a gap in the market. The need for led lighting and a reverse alarm are apparent and always have been.

We however have combined these products into 1. Making a completely new, versatile and cost effective product.

Our products can be adapted to suit to the customer and can be own branded and made with a variety of different sounds for instance beeping, audible, multi frequency and much more!

We design and manufacture in the UK and are proud to be Europe's largest manufacturer of reverse and safety equipment.

Array Cable Monitoring System – Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK)

Approached by Subsea Innovation, part of Tekmar Group, DLM developed a monitoring system, which was able to gather information on the stresses and movement experienced by array cables interconnecting the Wind Turbines on London Array wind farm off of the coast of Kent in the UK.

Over time the array cables which enter the wind farm platform via the bell mouth in base of the turbine platform, had been subject to movement and had been at the risk of fatiguing under the constant movement and flexing.

In order to mitigate the risk of the cables failing, Subsea Innovation designed a Dynamic Bend Stiffener to strengthen the cable entry point. DLM were approached to design Load Pins which would fit on the framework securing the Bend Stiffener in place and also provide accelerometers which could monitor the movement of the Stiffener over a period of time. This information would need to be data logged at a rate of 10Hz (10 times per second), recorded and collated on the turbine. All sensors were connected to a PLC system which allowed remote access by the client,

This project was designed and manufactured in September 2020 with an installation date of November 2020. It also included two weeks of offshore installation from our technical engineer.

EVA 1.5 Emergency Ventilator – Team Consulting

In March 2020, it was predicted the UK would need over 30,000 additional ventilators to help support COVID-19 patients. While medical device design and development usually takes years, Team Consulting was asked by the UK Government to develop, manufacture and deliver safety critical ventilators in just six weeks.

The Emergency Ventilator Apparatus (EVA 1.5) was designed to be accessible in the worst conditions on a COVID-19 ward, allowing healthcare professionals to easily use the device in highly stressful situations. Under normal circumstances, ventilators are used by intensive care nurses and intensivists, however Team Consulting needed to create a device that could potentially be used by less experienced healthcare professionals if required. This called for clear and accessible set-up instructions in the final design. With potential disruptions to overseas trade, the ventilator also needed to be manufactured and sourced from UK parts to allow the UK Government to respond to the emerging crisis.

This was an unprecedented situation for medical device design and development, that called for fast innovation and pragmatic decisions at a time when little was known about the coronavirus and the healthcare system was at its most vulnerable. While the rest of the world went into lockdown, Team Consulting rapidly established a safe working environment and put together a multifunctional team working concurrently across design, engineering and human factors. The project team we assembled and our many partners committed themselves completely to this important task, working incredibly long hours across weekends and long into the night throughout the six-week period.

The Emergency Ventilator Apparatus (EVA 1.5) was developed and design frozen in 4 weeks, with verification, transfer to manufacture and technical file generation completed in just 6 weeks. The full EVA 1.5 design and development history has now been transferred to the UK Government and the Crown.